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Applied Molecules has a diverse range of products available for our customers. This page showcases our general current products available. At Applied Molecules, we understand that every customer is different, and customization is sometimes key. Whether you require a specialized formulation, specific materials, or personalized applications, our team is ready to find the right formulation for you.

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Our product page is currently under construction so please excuse any missing information.



UV Pultrusion High Speed LED

A UV pultrusion for glass fiber is a cutting-edge formulation designed specifically for wrapping or strength member applications. Compatible with LED curing systems, this pultrusion compound ensures rapid and consistent curing when exposed to LED UV light. Infused into glass fibers, it enhances their mechanical properties, making them ideal for reinforcement tasks. Its adaptability to LED technology ensures energy efficiency and streamlined processing, making it a preferred choice for modern glass fiber applications.


UV Pultrusion Filters

A UV pultrusion for glass fiber, specifically formulated for wrapping or strength member applications, seamlessly integrates with UV curing technology. This advanced compound, when exposed to UV light, ensures swift and uniform curing, enhancing the fiber's mechanical strength. Additionally, its compatibility with LED pinning processes ensures precise control over the cure profile, resulting in optimal reinforcement and adaptability in modern manufacturing environments.


Hybrid Adhesives

A hybrid cure laminating adhesive is a versatile bonding solution tailored for the lamination of composites, particularly for affixing decorative films onto composite materials. Formulated to work efficiently in both dry nip and wet nip applications, it ensures a robust and uniform bond, preserving the aesthetics and integrity of the decorative films. This adaptable adhesive streamlines composite lamination processes, delivering consistent results across varied application methods.

11264-AJ13 BAYPREG

LED Curable Gel Coating Stain
(Various colors Available)

This LED-curable color stain is expertly formulated for composite surfaces, offering precision color matching capabilities. With a rapid cure time under LED exposure, it provides a vibrant and lasting hue, ensuring seamless integration with the original material. Ideal for aesthetic and functional applications, its superior adhesion ensures the stain remains resilient under various conditions. This stain is the go-to solution for professionals seeking a flawless color match on composite materials, combining efficiency, durability, and impeccable aesthetics.


LED Composite Repair

Introducing our advanced self-leveling grey composite body filler, meticulously formulated for the highest standards in finishing. Boasting fast cure times, this filler ensures minimal shrinkage and superior adhesion, making it a dependable choice for professional applications. Uniquely designed to withstand paint oven temperatures of up to 450°F, it guarantees zero movement under paint, preserving the integrity of the finish. With a curing depth of 2 mm and the ability to be recoated for deeper fills, it offers unparalleled versatility. Immediate post-cure sanding capabilities further
enhance its efficiency. Compared to traditional fillers, save significant time and achieve a seamless, high-quality finish with our cutting-edge filler.


UV Composite Edge Seal

Discover the pinnacle of edge sealing solutions with our composite edge seal. Formulated for swift curing and minimal shrinkage, it boasts top-tier adhesive properties that ensure a tight and resilient bond. Specially engineered to endure
paint oven temperatures up to 450°F, it stands firm with no movement beneath paint layers. Designed for efficient application, it can be pumped at 120°F and offers the convenience of rapid curing, further accelerated with LED pinning.
Beyond just sealing, it provides a robust barrier against water ingress and shields edges from solvents during painting processes. With its ability to eliminate paint pops, achieve a flawless finish every time.


UV Putty

This UV-curable putty is an innovative solution designed for filling defects in plastics and composites. Boasting a rapid curing time upon UV exposure, it provides a seamless finish, ideal for immediate sanding. Its superior adhesive properties ensure a strong bond with a wide range of surfaces, while retaining flexibility to move in tandem with the material. The putty supports a cure depth of up to 2 mm but can be recoated for addressing thicker defects. Furthermore, it's perfectly engineered for applications in environments up to 225°F and can be effortlessly painted over, ensuring a refined and durable finish.


UV Gel

Introducing our UV-curable general repair material, designed for versatile applications across a wide range of substrates. When exposed to the appropriate LED light, it cures rapidly, even up to a depth of an inch. Its robust adhesive properties ensure it firmly bonds to most surfaces. Built with flexibility and durability in mind, its high-viscosity
formulation mimics the behavior of a caulk, filling gaps and bridging voids seamlessly. Whether you're sealing, bonding, or filling, count on this all-in-one solution for reliability and performance.


UV Temp Gel, Hem

This UV-curable hem flange sealant offers an advanced solution for fast and efficient bonding. Upon UV exposure, it quickly cures to form a robust seal, ensuring durability and resilience. Tailored for hem flange applications, it boasts exceptional adhesive properties, ensuring a secure bond while retaining the flexibility required for dynamic structural movements. Ideal for modern production environments, its rapid cure time facilitates streamlined operations, and once set, the sealant seamlessly integrates with surfaces, making it a prime choice for demanding automotive and industrial applications.


UV High Temp Gel, Hem

Step into the next generation of sealing solutions with our UV-curable warm melt hem sealant. Expertly engineered for both UV and LED curing, it assures a steadfast bond with curing capabilities up to a depth of 1/2 inch. The inclusion of LED pinning technology facilitates rapid on-site setting, expediting your workflow. Notably paint-receptive, this sealant integrates seamlessly with e-coat finishes, ensuring an immaculate end result. While ideally suited for e-coat applications, its versatility extends to other body in white processes, making it a multifunctional asset in modern manufacturing and repair tasks. Choose precision and durability, all in one package.


UV High Temp Putty

Introducing our high-temperature version of the UV-curable putty, meticulously crafted to address defects in plastics and composites even under extreme conditions. With a rapid curing time upon UV exposure, it promises a flawless finish, setting the stage for immediate sanding. Renowned for its unmatched adhesive prowess, this putty forms a secure bond with a vast array of surfaces and maintains the flexibility needed to move harmoniously with the substrate.
Capable of curing to a depth of 2 mm, it welcomes recoating for deeper defect coverage. A standout feature of this variant is its ability to withstand paint oven temperatures of up to 450°F. Once painted, it confidently passes through the paint oven, ensuring both the integrity of the putty and a polished, enduring finish. This advanced formulation takes performance and resilience to new heights.


3D Printing

Contact for inquiries.

3D Printing

UV Adhesives


Ultra Laminating Adhesive

Applied Molecules Energy Curable Laminating Adhesive 11270 Ultra is a high-performance adhesive that combines the advantages of UV/LED curable adhesives with durable bond of a solventless adhesives. It is specifically designed to provide excellent green strength and create a permanent bond to most substrates. This adhesive is compatible with most printing methods and can be used for lamination in both wet and dry nip configurations. Additionally, there is a low odor version available for sensitive applications. 11270 Ultra works exceptionally well with hard-to-adhere to digital printed substrates, wood laminating, laminate flooring, plastic laminating, composite laminating, glass and graphic arts lamination. Apply using flexo, gravure cylinder, roller or slot die application.


Laminating Adhesive

Applied Molecules Energy Curable Laminating Adhesive is a high performance “wet nip” lamination adhesive. It is designed to be applied with 2-6 bcm anilox, wet on the base film and cured after the nip with an appropriate UV curable mercury arc lamp.  There is also a method of applying it to the overlam film depending on your nip structure. 10976F is designed for use with dairy paper and general film to film application applied by flexographic application but it will work on many other coating technologies as well. 10976 can be used with mercury bulbs or LED curing. 


UV Laminating Adhesive

UV curable laminating adhesive designed to work with low extractable applications. An EB version of this adhesive is available as well.


Flexible Cold Foil Adhesive

UV laminating adhesive designed to be a UV-cured solution optimized for cold foil applications. It offers quick UV light curing, high flexibility, and strong adhesion across various substrates. This adhesive ensures consistent performance, suitable for both high-speed production and detailed projects, delivering a reliable and clean foil finish.

Waterbased Adhesives


WB Coupon Adhesive

A versatile, eco-friendly adhesive specially formulated for coupon applications. Designed for gravure printing methods, this water-based solution ensures strong bonding capabilities while maintaining ease of removability. It offers optimal performance, consistency, and a clean release, ensuring both product integrity and consumer satisfaction. Ideal for promotional materials and other detachable paper applications.


WB Water Proofing

A sustainable solution designed to impart waterproofing properties to porous materials. This innovative coating not only ensures resistance against moisture penetration but is also fully recyclable, reducing environmental impact. Ideal for safeguarding porous surfaces while championing eco-friendly practices. Preserves substrate integrity and extends durability without compromising recyclability.


WB High Viscosity Coupon

A premium, water-based adhesive tailored for coupon applications with a high viscosity profile. Expertly formulated for application via web roll coating processes, it ensures robust adhesion and precision. Its thick consistency ensures minimal bleed, optimal coverage, and ease of removability. Designed for seamless integration into high-speed production lines, delivering dependable performance for detachable promotions and paper products.

Digital Primers

Digital Primers


Digital Primer

Our 10954N Digital Primer is a specially formulated UV curable primer that improves print quality and adhesion when printing with UV curable inkjet inks on multiple substrates. It has been specifically developed to enhance the performance of the print and increase the bond strength between the ink and substrate.


Digital Primer

The 11519L Digital Primer is a next generation UV curable digital primer that is low odor, prop 65 approved and works on shrink sleeve labels. Also, it improves print quality and adhesion when printing with UV curable inkjet inks on multiple substrates. It has been specifically developed to enhance the performance of the print and increase the bond strength between the ink and substrate.


UV Anti-Stat Digital Primer

A UV digital primer tailored for anti-static applications ensures not only optimal adhesion of UV curable digital inks but also mitigates static buildup on print surfaces. This specialized formulation, when cured under UV light, forms a stable, static-resistant layer, crucial for environments where static discharge can compromise quality or functionality. Ideal for achieving vibrant prints while ensuring electrostatic protection.


UV Matte Digital Primer

A UV curable matte digital primer is a specialized coating crafted to both enhance the adhesion of UV curable digital inkjet inks and impart a smooth, matte finish. Applied pre-printing, it establishes an optimal matte surface that promises vivid and lasting prints without the typical gloss. Upon UV exposure, it rapidly cures, setting a flawless matte base for subsequent UV inkjet printing, merging functionality and aesthetics in digital print applications.




UV Release Coating

Our one-part UV silicone release coating is specifically formulated to meet the exact specifications required for producing release liners and release surface. 11197 is commonly used in the production of extended content labels (ECLs) and instant redeemable coupons (IRCs) using UV free radical air cure technology.


UV Low Gloss Hard Coating

A UV curable coating, designed for exceptional durability, offers strong resistance against scratches and chemicals. When cured under UV light, it bonds securely to various substrates including plastics, metals, and wood. The coating presents a subtle low gloss finish, preserving the natural aesthetics of the material while providing robust protection, making it ideal for applications where both appearance and safeguarding are vital.


UV Low Gloss Hard Coating

Designed for superior protection, this UV curable low gloss coating resists scratches and chemicals with ease. Upon UV exposure, it forms a durable barrier on various substrates, including plastics, metals, and wood. Its low gloss finish subtly elevates the natural look of materials, ensuring aesthetics are paired with robust defense, making it an optimal choice for a variety of applications.


Texture Flexo Top Coating

A flexographic coating crafted to produce a textured finish, suitable for creating elevated image imprints.


UV Release Coating

11165 is a tighter release one part UV cure similar to our 11197 UV Release Coating.


High Slip Coating

UV curable top coating with plastic and film with a high gloss and high slip.


Screen Tactile Coating

A screen coating crafted to produce a textured finish, suitable for creating elevated image imprints.


Thermal Imprintable UV Flexo

UV curable coating designed to be receptive to printing, specifically design to receive thermal printing.


LED Slip Coating

Applied Molecules' one-part UV silicone release coatings 11511 specifically formulated to cure with LED lights and meet the exact specifications required for producing release liners and release surface.


UV High gloss Top Coating

UV curable coating designed to be applied Flexographically to most common flexo substrates.


 UV Anti Stat Digital Primer (Thermal Imprintable + Antistatic)

UV curable coating designed to be receptive to printing, specifically design to receive thermal printing. Material contains an anti-static additives to work in in-mold label


UV Adhesive Deadener

UV curable material designed to deaden adhesives to create a coupon.


UV Release Coating

UV curable release coating designed to work with 11550 Deadener to create a coupon system.


Low Gloss Flexo Coating

Low gloss UV curable coating designed to be applied via Flexo to most flexo substrates.


LED High Gloss Top Coating

UV curable coating designed to be applied Flexographically to most common flexo substrates and cure with LED lights

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