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Welcome to Applied Molecules, a privately-owned, technology-forward company that blends quality products, comprehensive support, and local commitment with an innovative spirit.

Local Excellence Personified

With our main facility located in Dexter Michigan, Applied Molecules is an integral part of the community. We've conquered the industry challenges and established strong local ties in the mid-west and broader US markets. Our owners actively participate in daily operations, reinforcing our commitment to crafting innovative solutions that shape the industry and uplift our community.


Innovation Across Multiple Domains

Our dedication to quality and innovation extends across multiple domains. Our product lines encompass not just digital primers and laminating adhesives, but also UV hot melt adhesives, composites, and 3D resins. Our efforts in the development of 3D UV resins and UV composites underline our significant strides in these fields.


Designed for seamless integration with most commercial ink systems, our products are a testament to our drive for excellence, product longevity, and durability. In addition to our standard offerings, we also provide custom UV/EB solutions, proving our flexibility and client-centered approach.

A Celebration of Local Care

While we strive for the pinnacle in technology and support, we equally value local care. Competing with large corporations on technological grounds, we never lose the personal touch that distinguishes us.


Our commitment to our community is resolute. We adhere to green chemistries and aim to contribute as an active community partner. From local sourcing where possible to owner and employee involvement in daily operations, our approach underscores our belief in the power of community focus.

Valuing Our People and Communities

Our people are our strength. We nurture a vibrant work environment, invest in our employees' growth, and believe their prosperity is intertwined with ours. Beyond the confines of our business, we're committed to enriching our communities, reciprocating the support they have given us.

Our Mission

Our mission at Applied Molecules is to revolutionize our industry while preserving our local business ethos. We stand at the crossroads of technology and community, navigating a course through digital primers, UV hot melt adhesives, laminating adhesives, composites, 3D resins, and graphic arts. Our work extends beyond mere product creation; it serves as a beacon of our larger purpose.


If you're in search of a company that harmonizes technical excellence with a heartfelt commitment to community and employee well-being, look no further. Experience the Applied Molecules difference, where we're making substantial strides in the 3D printing and composite industry sectors, and beyond.

Our Founder

Paul Snowwhite has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and application of coatings, adhesives, tapes, sealants and speciality inks. All of which require a deep technical understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries. He is an entrepreneur and business leader with an extensive background in technical, quality, manufacturing and business development. Over his many years in the industry, Paul has issued 21 US patents, 35 US patent applications, and 32 foreign patents. His experience combined with his creativeness and knowledge of patent strategy is put to good use to help companies develop and thrive.

At Applied Molecules we understand how critical it is to have a material that provides the desired properties while meeting the constraints of the existing application environment. This is exactly why we named our company 'Applied Molecules'.  Because without the application solution,  you just have another interesting technical paper.

Paul Snowwhite, Founder of Applied Molecules

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