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About Us

Located in Dexter, MI, Applied Molecules is a manufacturing company with a passion for delivering high quality customer solutions, quick turnaround times and industry leading  innovation. We have a reputation for innovation, quality, and expertise in the formulation, design, and manufacture of adhesives and coatings.​ Our manufacturing capabilities encompass the full spectrum of UV/EB, LED, silicone and waterbased adhesives and coatings. We are a leader in the development, application & technical support of specialty coatings.


Drawing upon years of experience, we develop and produce specialty products servicing a wide range of industrial uses. Our mission is to be structured to maximize our customer value. We care about our customers, that's why we have been expanding.  Expansion signals a step forward for our company, increasing output, capacity and efficiency, and tightening production controls while improving logistics to better help our customers.

The products we produce offer high-value visual appearance to materials such as metal, paper, board and plastics. They also provide defined functionalities, such as a high chemical resistance or physical durability, abrasion resistance, soft touch, high or low gloss, and well as speciality needs. Our in-house lab has developed and formulated a variety of cost-effective products with outstanding capabilities and continue to develop customized solutions based on customer needs and requirements. 

Our Founder

Paul Snowwhite has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and application of coatings, adhesives, tapes, sealants and speciality inks. All of which require a deep technical understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries. He is an entrepreneur and business leader with an extensive background in technical, quality, manufacturing and business development. Over his many years in the industry, Paul has issued 21 US patents, 35 US patent applications, and 32 foreign patents. His experience combined with his creativeness and knowledge of patent strategy is put to good use to help companies develop and thrive.

At Applied Molecules we understand how critical it is to have a material that provides the desired properties while meeting the constraints of the existing application environment. This is exactly why we named our company 'Applied Molecules'.  Because without the application solution,  you just have another interesting technical paper.

Paul Snowwhite, Founder of Applied Molecules

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